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Jailbreak Your iPhone iPad iPod Easily Using Absinthe for Windows, Mac and Linux with Video Tutorial

jailbreak your iphone

This is the simplest way to jailbreak your iDevice, no complicated programs, no fuzz easy one-click experience and it works great! A very simple video tutorial is included.
Absinthe untethered jailbreak has a user-friendly interface. When using Absinthe to jailbreak your iDevice you won’t need to put your iDevice in DFU mode. It will take 5 minutes to jailbreak your iDevice using Absinth! This jailbreak supports firmware 5.1.1 and is again one of the most easiest jailbreaks to use (so easy your grandma could do it!)

No pressing buttons following on-screen instructions
No stitching ISPW and SHSH Blobs

Just simply plug in – run app – click jailbreak and it does everything but types your pin code for you.

After copious amounts of work and many sleepless nights Absinthe 2.0 is finally here to jailbreak your device. This release has been a large collaborative effort between Chronic-Dev Team and iPhone Dev Teams (Jailbreak Dream Team).

Absinthe 5.1.1 Untethered jailbreak will support below devices:

* iPhone 3Gs
* iPhone 4
* iPhone 4 CDMA
* iPhone 4S
* iPad 1
* iPad 2 Wifi
* iPad 2 GSM
* iPad 2 CDMA
* iPad 2 Wifi, R2
* iPad 3 Wifi
* iPad 3 Global
* iPad 3 CDMA
* iPod 3G
* iPod 4G
* AppleTV 2



TomTom Navigation All Maps 1.11 iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

 tomtom all maps

TomTom Navigation for iPhone/ iPad and iPod Touch – World-Class TomTom navigation, on your iDevice. Latest and updated maps for 3G-enabled iPads, iPhone 3G, and later models have an internal GPS receiver. Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 2nd gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver.


Argentina and Uruguay
Canada and Alaska
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Hong Kong
South East Asia
UK Ireland

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new legislation, all speed camera information for France is removed from this app. With this update we introduce the new Danger Zone service in France which is 100% legal and NF certified.

*** Great reasons to choose TomTom Navigation ***
Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this:
- The most accurate TomTom maps in your pocket – no mobile signal needed
- Daily free map updates wherever you are, via Map Share
- Reliable arrival times at all times of day with IQ Routes
- The quickest routes through traffic, proven. Powered by TomTom HD Traffic (1)
- Fewer speeding fines with real-time camera alerts via TomTom Speed Cameras (1)
- Powerful search with TomTom Places, Google™, Facebook™ and foursquare™
- Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone thanks to iOS Multitasking support
- Seamless integration with your iPhone/iPad contacts, photos, music, email and calendar.

- Announces street names (2)
- Multi-stop routes
- Eco Routes
- Search TomTom Places and POIs
- Navigate to copied addresses
- foursquare™ places search and check-in
- Local search Powered by Google™
- Search and navigate to friends, places, and events with Facebook™
- Fixed Speed Cameras pre-installed and updated with every App release (Free) (1)
- TomTom Speed Cameras (Available via in-App purchase) (1)
- Advanced lane guidance
- Help me! emergency menu
- Designed for iPhone and iPad
- Landscape/portrait orientation option
- Background navigation instructions (iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPad & iPod touch 3rd gen. only)
- iOS multitasking support (3)
- Seamless navigation while calling (iPhone 3GS/4/4S only)
- Navigate to contact or photo (4)
- Destination dialing (iPhone only)
- Share your destination via email, Facebook™ or Twitter™
- Departure reminder
- Music control and fading
- Celebrity voices (Available via in-App purchase)
- Car symbols
- Map colors

The TomTom Navigation app requires a GPS signal. 3G-enabled iPads, iPhone 3G, and later models have an internal GPS receiver. Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 2nd gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver. The original iPhone and iPod touch are not supported.

(1) Check http://iphone.tomtom.com for availability of TomTom HD Traffic or Speed Cameras per country. Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, iPad WiFi + 3G models. If you’d prefer to use your existing subscription on your iPad, restore your purchases within the TomTom App on your iPad. The App will prompt you to transfer your subscription between your iPhone and iPad.
(2) Announces street names in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
(3) Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
(4) Photos can only be used for navigation if you have enabled Location Services in the Camera application.

What’s New in Version 1.11

- LATEST, UPDATED TOMTOM MAP: because roads are constantly changing, on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app update comes with the latest and most up-to-date map.

- NAVIGATE TO CONTACTS: users were unable to select addresses from their address book without agreeing to share information with TomTom. With this update you can select contact addresses without needing to agree to information sharing.

- SPEED CAMERAS (FR): Due to new legislation, all speed camera information for France was removed from V1.10. With this update we introduce the new Danger Zone service in France which is 100% legal and NF certified.

- AUDIO OUTPUT SWITCH: Easily stream all iPhone audio to the powerful speaker of the TomTom Hands-free car kit (or any other Bluetooth A2DP device).

- FOURSQUARE™ PLACES SEARCH: Find millions of exciting places to visit by searching with Foursquare, even if you are not a Foursquare user. Log into Foursquare and you can also check in at your destination so you don’t miss any points on your way to becoming its new mayor. (1)

- NAVIGATE TO COPIED ADDRESSES: easily select locations you found on websites or other apps by copying their address and pasting into the TomTom Navigation app. The app will automatically work out the location and navigate you there – no typing needed! (1)

- CHANGE ROUTE TYPE: Plan a route using your default route type setting and quickly recalculate it using a different type with this new Route Option.

- CUSTOMIZABLE MENU: Reorder the items in the main menu and location selectors to your personal preference.

- CLOSING THE MENU ON IPAD: On iPad you can now choose to close the menu only when double tapping outside it. This stops the menu from closing if you accidentally miss a button.
(1) When used, these features need to share your location in order to work. Full details can be found in the about screen of the app.





3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer v3.8.6.0610

iphone to computer transfer

While iTunes to iPhone is an one-way data transfer solution, 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer offers a flexible way to transfer music, movie, photo, ePub, pdf, audiobook, Voice memo, Camera roll (iOS 4 above), ringtone, Podcast and TV Show from computer to iPhone without iTunes, and can also backup iPhone files to computer in case your multimedia files are lost or damaged.


Free poker calculator for iPhone

Do you play Texas Hold’em or Omaha? Do you want to know what are your chances to win? Install our poker application now on iPhone!

The calculator has a user friendly interface for the fastest entry of data.


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DOFMaster lets you take control of you camera's depth of field

One of the most distinctive characteristics of any photograph is its depth of field: Is the entire frame in sharp focus, from near-to-far, or only the subject? For a serious photographer, achieving the right depth of field isn’t an accident or trial and error; it’s deliberate and planned.
There was a time when photographers would carry a depth of field guide around with them—a small booklet filled with spinning dials and radiating grids of numbers that looked sort of like an engineering diagram for the space shuttle. These days, you can get the same information more easily using an iPhone app. And that puts precisely planned photos with just the right depth of field within your reach.
DOFMaster is the iPhone extension of the excellent DOFMaster.com, a website that offers ways to help you calculate depth of field from every conceivable format, including your browser, iPhone, Android phone, and a Windows app.

Calculations: DOFMaster makes it easy to calculate your depth of field.
DOFMaster is the very picture of simplicity; the entire iPhone app occupies a single screen and features just five buttons. To get started, specify your camera. A drop-down menu lets you choose from among general categories like 35mm, APS, a number of medium- and large-format cameras, or compact digital. You can also select your specific digital SLR model.
Making the right choice is important because depth of field depends on the relationship between the size of your camera’s sensor and your lens. A point and shoot digital camera delivers a very different depth of field at a particular focal length than a digital SLR. And even among SLRs, there are a small set of professional caliber full frame cameras, and more common models based on the somewhat smaller APS-C sensor.
The app doesn’t list every camera on the market, past and present, but that’s okay—just choose a similar model or category that has the same size image sensor. You won’t find the Nikon D7000, for example, so just choose Nikon DSLR from the list. If you have a point and shoot camera, just choose Compact Digital.
Once the camera is set, choose a lens focal length and the f/stop at which you plan to shoot. Finally, enter the distance from you to your subject—the focusing distance—and DOFMaster immediately calculates the nearest and farthest limits of acceptably sharp focus for the shot. And that’s it.
Suppose, for example, you have a 50mm lens on your Nikon D7000, and you want to shoot portraits of someone 10 feet away. Plug in the pertinent details, and you’ll find that at f/4 you’ll have a thin 2 feet of depth of field, from 9 to 11 feet. Dial the lens to f/16, on the other hand, and the depth of field extends from 7 feet all the way to 16 feet in front of the camera.

Teaching tool

This makes DOFMaster not just a great pocket guide to calculating depth of field, but a useful teaching tool as well. The app doesn’t just show the relative effect of varying depth of field, but it does it for your particular camera. That’s indispensable for mastering the art of photography.
The app has one other trick. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find a button marked HD, which calculates the lens’s hyperfocal distance for the selected f/stop. Hyperfocal distance is the distance at which you need to focus the lens to get the deepest possible depth of field. If you want to take a photo that’s in sharp focus from the very foreground all the way to infinity, you’d set the f/stop to the smallest aperture (say, f/22). You might find that if you focus the lens 18 feet in front of you, then everything from 9 feet to infinity will be in focus.

Bottom line

Most people happily take snapshots with their camera, never agonizing over achieving the right depth of field. This app is not for them. But if you would love a simple way to know if you have enough depth of field to ensure your kids and the statue they’re standing in front of are all in sharp focus, or if you yearn to take more control over your art photography shoots, then DOFMaster is a prudent $2 investment.

Review: 1Password for iOS keeps your digital life safe

For a security mechanism that has existed since mankind traded places with apes to raise to the top of the food chain, passwords have shown a surprising longevity. Passwords act as gatekeepers to our email, banking, social media accounts, and just about anything else that we do, regardless of whether we are online or not.
Unfortunately, humans are not very good at either creating or remembering passwords. Left to our own devices, we tend to pick passwords that are easy for us to remember, which is good, but also easy for others to guess, which isn't good. For this reason, Web developers try to gently coerce us into adopting more secure password generation habits by enforcing an ever-increasing set of rules on their sites: Your password must be at least eight characters long, contain one or more uppercase characters, a symbol, a smiley, and be typed standing on your left foot under a full moon while sacrificing a chicken…

1Password's login screen
Alas, all these restrictions make passwords difficult to remember, and our predictably poor response is to come up with one “good” password, which we keep reusing over and over again. The problem with this approach is that anyone who knows or learns this password can also gain access to all our other accounts—and if you use the same password to post photos on a social network and do your banking, it’s easy to see where trouble might arise.
This is a very serious problem; according to a survey conducted by security firm CSID, 61 percent of Americans—nearly two out of every three people—admit to using the same password on different sites. And, to make things worse, many write that one password down and stash it in a wallet, or store it in a plain-text file on the computer, where it is up for grabs for anyone bold enough to make a move.

The immovable portable vault

As a researcher once said, the ideal password is one that is hard to guess, impossible to write down, and can only be used in one place. This combination of requirements is very hard for a human to achieve, but AgileBits’s 1Password 4 makes it an absolute breeze.
1Password 4 is the latest entry in the company’s long-running family of password management software. As a Universal app, it runs on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and requires iOS 6 or higher; it works by creating a virtual “vault” in which you can save many different kinds of sensitive information—passwords, of course, but also credit card and bank account numbers, passport data, software keys, and so forth.
Despite being branded as a “password management tool,” therefore, 1Password is capable of keeping of every last bit of information that you don’t want others to see—which is absolutely crucial when you realize that, with an iPhone in your pocket or an iPad in your bag, you basically carry your entire digital life around with you in a small package that is as convenient for you to use as it is for someone else to steal.

Flexibility and power

Categories make organizing your secure data easy.
According to Agile Bits’s press material, 1Password 4 is a complete rewrite of its predecessor, a fact that is readily visible to anyone who has ever used previous versions of the software. Everything in the app has been re-engineered with the goal of making it easier to organize and use your information.
This shows prominently in the user interface, which is both gorgeous and extremely user-friendly. The app is organized in a logical way, and the transitions between the various screens are done so well that you’ll find yourself playing with them just for the visual pleasure that they bring.
Once inside the app, new items can be added directly from the Categories tab, where 1Password automatically splits the data you enter into individual groups. For example, there are pre-defined categories for logins, credit cards, software licenses, databases, passports, and so on. Adding and editing items is easy: 1Password uses an interface that is very similar to that of the Contacts app, making the process familiar for any iOS user.
In addition to the default categories, the app also allows you to group your secure items in arbitrary folders, which can be useful, for example, to separate work data from personal information. Folders come in particularly handy when you consider that 1Password can be used to store more than just passwords—for example, I keep confidential information about my clients in it, knowing that it will be safe from prying eyes if my iPhone or iPad should ever be stolen. Often-used items, like credit card numbers, banking logins, and the likes, can also be added to 1Password’s Favourites screen, which helps keeping them within easy reach whenever you need them.
Perhaps my favorite user-interface feature, however, is a built-in browser that allows you to navigate the Web and allows 1Password to automatically fill forms for you using your secure data. This is a major step forward compared to the previous version—which required you to painstakingly copy and paste your data into Safari—and one that dramatically improves 1Password’s user experience.


All your data is protected by strong encryption and can only be unlocked by a single password that you choose when you first set up the app; this makes it both very easy for you to carry all sorts of important information wherever you go, and very hard for anyone else to access it should your mobile device ever become lost or stolen.

The built-in browser allows 1Password to fill 

Web forms for you—no cut-and-paste required.
1Password also employs a number of measures to keep your data safe. For example, even as you browse through your saved items, all sensitive information is discretely blanked out to prevent someone from shoulder-surfing their way into your secrets. You can, of course, easily reveal a particular piece of data by tapping on it, and just as easily copy it to the pasteboard, but the rest remains safely hidden until needed.
You can also set the app to automatically lock your data vault as soon as you leave 1Password, as well as after a certain amount of idle time, so that, should your device end up in ill-intentioned hands without your permission, they won’t be able to access all your passwords just because you forgot to exit the app. Finally, 1Password also offers to automatically clear out your pasteboard after a set period of time, so that other apps don’t have a chance to read your private data without you knowing.
And, if you find the default settings a little too paranoid for your taste, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily change them to suit your needs.


One of 1Password’s strong suits has always been the ability to synchronize your data across multiple devices, and its latest release does not disappoint, with support for both manual sync through iTunes, as well as automatic sync through either Dropbox or iCloud.
There is little to be said here, other than the sync feature really just works. In my tests, both with a completely new data file and with my existing vault, the process worked flawlessly on the first try, and changes propagated from one device to all my others in record time.
One thing that has been removed from this version is the ability to sync locally over Wi-Fi. This seems to have disappointed a number of users, and is the source of much angst in App Store reviews of the software, but I think it was the right move. Wi-Fi sync was a little too finicky, easily broken, and inherently less redundant than cloud-based solutions. For my part, I am happy to know that, if my house goes up in flames alongside all my electronic devices, my digital vault won’t go with it.

Strong password generator

An often-forgotten feature of 1Password is its strong password generator, which can be used to create—and store—passwords made up of pseudorandom characters; these are much harder to crack than anything a human could come up with, and can therefore improve the security of your logins dramatically.
Used properly, this generator turns password management on its head: Instead of storing your passwords, the app can automate the entire authentication process from end to end, making it easy to avoid many common security pitfalls, like reusing passwords or inadvertently coming up with passwords that are too easy to crack.

Bottom line

1Password is, quite simply, an excellent secure data management solution for every user, regardless of their sophistication or the complexity of their needs. Its execution is practically flawless, and a significant improvement over previous releases on all fronts.
Pricing—the app costs $18, although it is on sale for $8 until the end of the year—may seem a little steep at first, particularly considering that existing customers will have to purchase 1Password 4 anew.
This price, however, is perfectly reasonable when you consider two things. The first is that a person who gets hold of your passwords can essentially ruin your entire life, both socially and financially. The second is that 1Password gives you a great backup in case of emergency: If your wallet gets stolen, and you have saved all sorts of details about your various identity cards and financial accounts in 1Password, getting out of a sticky situation will be much easier.

Verbaenglish for iOS for learning English

Verbaenglish is a unique application for iPhone / iPad, developed by Enterra that will become your indispensable assistant in studying English language.

Now you can absolutely freely combine your daily activities with the study of English words without any effort. Enrich your vocabulary constantly, no matter where you are and what you are doing.


Verbaenglish is distributed via the App Store. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.